Swap, don’t shop this Winter
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SHARE Christmas Display

Don’t start your Christmas shopping just yet! Get a head start on finding perfect gifts and saving money for the festive season with our first ever…

✨ Swap shop!

Come along to Frome Town Hall on Saturday 23rd November from 10am-12pm to swap gift-worthy items & planet-friendly alternatives to wrapping paper. This is a free event, with tea and cake available for a small donation.

Swap your items for others that would make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, special occasions or even just for yourself – why not?

😇 Why swap? There are more reasons than you think…

No matter your motivation, swapping has a lot of benefits for you and others:

  • Save money on gifts and wrapping
  • Help the planet by reducing the demand for production of brand new goods & shipping
  • Smile knowing that something you swapped or made will brighten someone’s day
  • Get unique gifts – handmade goods and items with history
  • Be part of the community. Why not bring your kids to show how important it is to share?

🎁 What should you bring?

If you think it could make a good gift, bring it along! You can also drop off things in advance to Frome Town Council if it’s easier than bringing them on the day. Here are some ideas:

  • Preloved gifts (to be loved again)
  • Preserves
  • Indoor and outdoor plants and pots
  • Art & craft materials
  • Books, music and films
  • Handmade items
  • Household / Bric-a-brac
  • unopened and in date food items to include in hampers
  • lovely baskets, unusual containers, nice re-usable bags and jars to ‘wrap’ things in!

And after Christmas, come and find any neglected gifts a new home at our Unwanted Gift Exchange! More details to come…

Frome Town Hall is on Christchurch Street West, Frome, BA11 1EB. There is wheelchair access via the side entrance and a lift available to the first floor where the Swap Shop will take place. Please note parking is not available at the venue.

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Fiver Fest is Coming to Frome!
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We are excited to announce that Fiver Fest will be coming to Frome on the 5th October! What is Fiver Fest, you ask? Part of the national Totally Locally campaign, it is one day to celebrate local businesses, often run by families or individuals, making a real contribution to our unique town. Spending just £5 a week in local shops can have a huge impact on our high streets, boosting the local economy and increasing employment. It’s also a great opportunity to step into a shop you’ve never been before and discover what makes Frome’s independents so special.

We, Share Shop, an community started and run business, will be taking part in Fiver Fest. To encourage the town to sign up and start borrowing, we will be offering £5 free credit when you join as standard or subscriber member (see our membership plans) on Saturday 5th October. Be quick though! We are open between 10am and 12pm.

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A volunteer’s perspective on SHARE
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This summer 5 university students began volunteering one afternoon a week at SHARE as part of a 10 week resilience placement with Frome Town Council. Not fully knowing what to expect we arrived on day one to learn a little more about what makes the shop unique and what types of customers borrow items. It was inspiring to see first hand the popularity of the shop with customers coming and going in small flurries throughout the day, intrigued to find out what else they could borrow.

Borrowing is an inventive solution to the ongoing problems with waste we as a society face. It was refreshing to see that not only is the shop helping to reduce landfill, but it also unites local business owners and residents to come together and support a common cause. The shop is more than just a borrowing space, it sparks a conversation about the importance of being aware of our consumption habits. In 2019, where advertisements for purported must have goods are aplenty, it can feel like you are never up to date with the latest trends or must have gadgets. However, that is where the SHARE shop steps in to allow you to try out items beforehand and simultaneously lend preloved goods. From parties to weddings to home renovations, the shop caters to a whole host of needs and relieves the burden of having to source storage space to house infrequently used items.

From a volunteer’s experience, working at the SHARE shop has been rewarding, fun and at times challenging. As membership numbers have risen in recent months and donations flow in, there is the task of keeping on top of logging items, coding them and organising them into appropriate categories and locations. With an abundance of musical instruments, DIY tools, garden machinery and camping equipment, there is always something to be getting on with, whether that be assessing the condition of borrowed items or adding sponsorship tags respectively. One of the more challenging aspects of the role involved putting our teamwork skills into practice when setting up tents in a nearby meadow to check they had all their constituent parts intact. On one of the warmest days in the UK, we took to the local field, wheelbarrow in tow and got to work. It was satisfying to see the bell tent holding up and knowing how quick and simple it was to construct makes borrowing equipment even more appealing for special trips away.

It was quickly apparent that many customers value SHARE, not only for its diverse inventory of items but also based on the skills and knowledge it provides to locals. SHARE is predominantly volunteer run and relies on the goodwill of others to offer their skillsets to mend items or sort through stock. Volunteering costs nothing but gives back so much. In the short space of time we have been at SHARE, a fresh insight into this innovative community project has been gained and a newfound desire to share more acquired.

Tess, Claire, Bridie, Poppy and Emma

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Summer isn’t over yet!
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We have lots of new items in store waiting to be borrowed for your summer holidays. Fancy trying a new hobby? Then check out our inflatable kayaks. Need something to brighten up the garden? How about out solar-powered fairy lights. Kids learning to bike ride? We have a wooden balance bike for that. For those travelling further afield, our new bell tent is proving to be a popular choice. Our fingers are crossed for some sunnier weather before the holidays finish. If not, our wide selection of tents are sure to keep you warm and dry. To check out our full inventory, click here.

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Closed Bank Holiday Monday
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Just a reminder that we will be closed on Monday 26th August for the bank holiday. We will be open and running as usual on Wednesday 28th at 10am. Why not make the most of the long weekend with a camping trip or BBQ with friends. Check out the summer items on our inventory here.

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New Items In!
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We’ve ordered a series of new items that have just arrived in the shop! If you want to grab them, be sure to reserve them quickly as they are popular demand. See our opening times below or call us to make a reservation.

First, just in time for wedding season, we have several new and sturdier gazebo shelters, these are perfect for events and parties during the summer months.

Also great for events, we have a large disco ball, which can take your party to the next level, especially if there is dancing! For only £4.00 to borrow, that’s a steal! And why not entertain the kids at the same time with our new bubble machine!

Another item that could save you a lot of money is our new PA system. A big step up from our portable PA system, with 4 large speakers and stands, and a control board, it is perfect for concerts, shows and other events. No need to buy or rent one elsewhere, when you can pay only £20.00 per week at Share.

For all you adventure lovers, we now have 2 new inflatable kayaks, whether you’re starting out in the Frome river or taking it on holiday with the family, these are a great borrow-don’t-buy item.

Lastly, for the kids, we have a brightly coloured wooden balance bike for 2-5 year olds, a great way to teach your kids to eventually ride a big bike. With dampened steering, non-slip grip handle with safety ends and soft padded adjustable seat.

So if you haven’t got your Share membership yet or it needs renewing, pop in on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 10am and 4pm, or Saturday 10am to 12pm, or call us on 07983 639611.

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It’s Festival Season!
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Festival season is finally here, so if you’re getting ready to camp in the mud, dance in the heat and (most likely) not shower for a week, why not see what camping gear and other useful things we have, to make your festival experience even better?

Not only do we have tents, sleeping bags and mats, we also have cooking gear, camping tables and chairs, lights, rucksacks, a cooler box, and hammocks. You could even get creative and borrow some bunting to make your tent stand out among the sea of other tents!

Festivals are also a time of community and music, so why not borrow one of our guitars, ukuleles and drums to jam around the fire (be careful though). And to keep the kids entertained, we have all sorts of lightweight toys and games, like a hoola hoops, a play tunnel, circus trick set, paddling pool, and more.

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Another Long Weekend!
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We will be closed on again on Monday 27th May for another bank holiday. We will be open and running as usual on Wednesday 29th at 10am. Why not make the most of the long weekend and have come friends over for a bbq with our event and summer items? See our inventory here.

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Closed Bank Holiday Monday
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Just a reminder that we will be closed on Monday 6th May for another (of many it seems) bank holiday. We will be open and running as usual on Wednesday 8th at 10am. Why not make the most of these long weekends and have come friends over for a bbq with our event and summer items? See our inventory here.

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DVD’s for the kids!
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Looking for fun, low cost things to do with the family this Easter? Now that it’s the holidays, why not entertain the kids (and yourself) with a movie night! Here is our selection of childrens and family movies:

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Easter Weekend Closures
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Make sure you have borrowed any of our spring things by Wednesday this week, such as gardening tools and party decorations for your Easter celebrations!

We will be closed for the Easter weekend, on Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Monday 22nd. We will be open again and running as usual on Wednesday 24th.

Also, don’t forget to return anything before then, to avoid any late fees!

Happy Spring!

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Comedies to Rent
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Feel like a bit of light-hearted escapism? We have a great selection of feel-good comedies on offer, from classics to less well known (but still great) titles. Here are some of our favourites!

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Spring is here!
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As you have probably noticed, the weather is always up and down. Sun one day, snow and hail the next. We had one of the the warmest February days recorded, and a month later it finally feels like spring has arrived, so why not start preparing for the warmer days? We have a lot of bits and pieces at The Share Shop that can save you money during the spring and summer months.

It’s seed sowing season and time to start working in the garden, so instead of buying new gardening tools, why not see if The Share Shop has what you’re looking for? See gardening tools

If you’re thinking of having a BBQ or outdoor party, we have a good quality barbeque and tools, camping chairs, bunting and other events items to save you money. Plastic consumption is a big problem at the moment, so instead of buying throwaway cutlery and plates, you could borrow some of our good quality glasses, plates and cutlery. See event items

Need to keep the kids entertained, outside and off the TV/phones/ipads? We have various sports equipment, as well as other fun things for kids, such as a paddling pool, a hoola hoop, roller blades and scooters. See Childrens and Sports

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DVD rental
New DVD Collection!
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We’ve had a new collection of DVD‘s from 20th Century Flicks movie rentals added to our list, with now over 200 titles to choose from. Here is a selection of some of the new films:

Why not borrow one of our projectors and screens and have a movie night with friends? Throw in a popcorn maker and chocolate fondue set, and you have a home-cinema!

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Keep it clean!
Keep it Clean!
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Keep it clean!We’d like to encourage all borrowers to return items in as good condition as possible.

Bringing back items clean improves the efficiency of SHARE as a community resource.

As much as we’d love to provide the service of cleaning items that have been brought back dirty, we sadly don’t have the resources. i.e. When a lawn mower comes back with grass still in it we have no courtyard out back to empty it (we don’t even have our own wheelie bin!) Similarly, we don’t have hot water in the shop so can’t easily clean kitchen items that come back messy.

So please do make every effort to bring items back in a similar state to how you borrowed them.

Despite other members loving the concept of sharing, it doesn’t extend to sharing mess left by a previous borrower. If things are brought back in a particularly bad state we may have to ask you take the item back and bring it back clean, or even ask for a fee. But don’t worry, this will only happen in extreme cases. So long as you’ve done what you can to clean any mess you’ve made and brought the item back in a similar state to how you borrowed it then that’s fine by us.

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Our Amazing Team
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SHARE wouldn’t be the community resource it is without our amazing volunteers. So let us introduce them to you…

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Paul's patches
Another Happy Repair Cafe Visitor!
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Here’s our resident PAT tester and general electrical fixer Paul looking very happy outside the SHARE shop! Paul’s ripped knees were repaired by one of our fantastic textiles repair people at Sunday’s repair café.

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In-House Repairs Now Available!
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We are pleased to announce we can now offer some repairs in the SHARE shop, in addition to our monthly repair cafés. This service is free, but we would appreciate a small donation for the time and expertise spent by our fantastic fixers.

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Borrow a Film!
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Exciting news: We’ve partnered with 20th Century Flicks in Bristol to provide a movie rental service in Frome!

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The 4 membership types available at SHARE: A library of things, in Frome.
Membership Types Explained
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At SHARE, we have 4 different types of membership. These are designed to suit all of our borrowers, whether regular or infrequent, well off or otherwise. Our members of all types are what keep the shop open and thriving!

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The average drill is used for only 13 minutes in its entire lifetime.

What if, instead of buying that drill, you could borrow one from a neighbour you have never met before?

Welcome to SHARE:Frome!

Our thinking is that too much money nowadays is spent on ‘stuff’. Things are used for a short space of time and then spend most of their lifetime locked away in a shed, kitchen, garage etc.

Spend Less, Waste Less, Connect More!

Our aim is to get people spending less, wasting less and connecting more. And by doing this, help people to save money, reduce carbon and waste, and cultivate a happier, more resilient community.

SHARE is a community space for Frome, tailored to local people’s needs. A place for people to borrow objects, share skills and connect with others, in a welcoming and fun environment.

Click here to view items you can borrow/hire/rent from SHARE.