You may be new to SHARE and wondering what sort of items you can borrow, or how we categorise our range of almost 1000 items. Here is a breakdown of our 10 categories:

1. Arts and Crafts

From sewing machines to glue guns, we have a variety of creative equipment to support artists, students and home crafters. Need an artists easel? We have one! Making your own clothing? We have dress dummies! Creating cake designs? We have a cake projector! This category is also great for kids, such as our badge maker and ink stamps. Explore more by selecting ‘Arts and Crafts’ to the left hand side of our inventory.

2. Baby and Children

From pushchairs to baby bouncers, we have a large range of toys and useful items for mothers with babies. Need reusable nappies? We offer starter kits! Going for a bike ride with a little one? We have a child’s bike seat! Is a grandchild visiting for the weekend? We have high chairs and bed guards for temporary childcare. And our toys suit a range of ages, from newborns to 12 year olds. Explore more by selecting ‘Baby and Children’ to the left hand side of our inventory.

3. Events

From projector screens to bunting, SHARE:Frome is your go-to for parties and large events. Don’t have enough cutlery, glasses and plates for your events? We have a large range! Holding an outdoor event? We have gazebos! Hosting a kids party? We have bubble machines, smoke machines and a large variety of disco lights! Getting married? We even have wedding decor, perfect for receptions and wedding photos. This category is also great for music events, as we provide PA systems, both portable and heavy duty. Explore more by selecting ‘Events’ to the left hand side of our inventory.

4. DIY

From drills to saws, our DIY section is great for the home improver and occasional DIYer. Need an obscure drill bit? We have several kits to choose from. Need to cut through metal? We have angle grinders! Need to clean your gutters? We have several long ladders! Need to cut tiles? We have both manual and electric tile cutters! Need to move heavy objects? We have several sack truck/trolleys! Explore more by selecting ‘DIY’ to the left hand side of our inventory.

5. Gardening tools

From from lawnmowers to hedge trimmers, we have everything you need to keep your garden well maintained! Need to plant your bulbs? We have a bulb planter! Need to shred your garden waste? We have garden shredders! We also have several ear defenders while you strim, trim and mow! Need to protect your knees while you garden? We have a handy garden kneeler! And don’t forget our range of rakes, shovels, trowels and shears! Explore more by selecting ‘Gardening Tools’ to the left hand side of our inventory.

6. Household and Garden

From from vacuum cleaners to carpet cleaners, we have a variety of cleaning equipment and items to get you through the all seasons. Want to decorate your home over Christmas? We have a variety of decorations and Christmas trees! Is your house feeling a bit damp? We have dehumidifiers of various sizes! Need to keep extra warm during the winter? We have several radiators! And on the other end, we have a fan to keep you cool in summer! Wondering why ‘Garden’ is included in this category? This section has several items that can also be used outside, such as fairy lights and hammocks! Explore more by selecting ‘Household and Garden’ to the left hand side of our inventory.

7. Kitchen Equipment

From blenders to dehydrators, we have a range of appliances and tools for getting experimental in the kitchen! Getting healthy? We have juicers! Making dips, smoothies and sauces? We have a food processor! Want to make your own fresh pasta? We have a pasta machine! Homemade ice cream? We have ice cream makers! Need a temporary stove or oven while your kitchen is being redone? We have an induction stove and electric oven! We also have a range of cake making equipment like tins, decorations, cookie cutters and a cake pop maker! Explore more by selecting ‘Kitchen Equipment’ to the left hand side of our inventory.

8. Leisure and Camping

From from camping gear to a metal detector, this category is great for the adventurers and seasonal campers! We stock a wide range of tents of various sizes, mattresses, mats, camping chairs, mallets, air pumps and much more. Need some extra light while camping? We have solar powered lamps! Need some extra shade in the summer? We have a shade sail and beach shelter. Going on a cycling holiday? We have bike pumps and a car bike rack! Want to try out bird watching? We have binoculars! We also have inflatable kayaks, wetsuits, buoyancy aids, flippers and paddle boards for those water lovers! Explore more by selecting ‘Leisure and Camping’ to the left hand side of our inventory.

9. Music, Media and Audio/Visual

From bongo drums to speakers, we have a range of instruments, sound equipment and lighting. Got an old collection of vinyls, but no player? We have a turntable! Learning a new instrument? We have guitars, keyboards, a ukulele, a violin and range of unique percussion! Trying out busking? We have amps, microphones and stands! Want to show off your singing? We have a karaoke machine! We also have several projectors and screens, perfect for outdoor movie nights in the summer, as well as events and presentations. Explore more by selecting ‘Music/Media/Audio-Visual’ to the left hand side of our inventory.

10. Sports and Games

From tennis rackets to roller blades, we have a great range of items for all seasons and ages. We have cricket sets, badminton net and rackets, a baseball bat and football. We have a lot of games suitable for kids, like Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga, Boules and Croquet. What about indoor games? We have a Wii and games, mini table tennis, table football, board games and a Poker set. Want to exercise indoors? We have bike stands! We even have several sledges, ready for when the snow falls! Explore more by selecting ‘Sports and Games’ to the left hand side of our inventory.

Join us now and start borrowing!