Whether you are new to SHARE or are a long time supporter, we want to tell you all about our different membership types! As you may have noticed, we have made a few changes to our previous Low Income, Student, Standard and Subscriber memberships. Maybe there is a membership that is better fit for you?

When you sign up as a member you will need to show ID when you first come into the shop. This can be a drivers license or passport with an up to date address, and you will need to be over 18. You will also need to save a payment card in order to pay for your membership and borrowing, to act as a security deposit and to process late fees. We use Stripe, a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest grade of payment processing security.

So without furthur ado, here is a guide to our 4 membership types!

One Time Borrower Membership

This is a new membership we have just introduced, to allow new members to try out our service. It’s also great for people visiting Frome, who do not want to pay for a whole year. This membership is free and allows you to borrow once (as many items as you’d like in one transaction!) at the standard loan cost. This membership lasts 1 week, or however long your one time loan period is. Once it has expired, you can then see whch of our 3 membership will suit you best!

Individual Membership

This membership replaces our old Standard membership and is a great, affordable option for most people. Only £1 for the year, this membership allows you to borrow at the standard rate (the price displayed under each item). It’s also a great trial membership, to see how often you borrow before moving to our Supporter membership.

Supporter Membership

This membership is the best option for most borrowers and is perfect if you borrow items frequently. Or you simply want to support our cause! Previously known as the Subscriber membership, when you sign up as a Supporter, we set up a recurring online payment of £10 every 3 months. This works out at £3.33 per month. You then have 25% off all borrow fees, as well as access to seasonal promotions, such as free borrows on Christmas items in December! We are also now offering access to information about the positive impact of your borrowing! If you are currently a Supporter and would like to know more, please drop us an email at [email protected].

Concession Membership

This membership is a great option for Low Income and Student borrowers. It only costs £1 for a year you will recieve 75% off all borrow fees! A great way to save when money is tight! If you are currently on Universal Credit or Pension Credit, you are elligable to sign up for this membership. We require proof of this financial benefit from the last 3 months. This could be an email or bank statement, and will need to be checked again every 3 months. If you are a student, we will need to see an active Student card or NUS card to prove that you are in full time education. Great for some camping gear, ready for Glastonbury, or to borrow a sewing machine for your Textiles project!

Join us now!

Sign up online now and start reserving, or visit us to sign up in store! Make sure to bring your ID (drivers license or passport) when you visit! We are open 10:30am – 2pm Tuesdays to Saturdays.