Paddle board for Durdle Door

May 27, 2024

Fabulous experience of borrowing, so easy, efficient and great fun to use. Thank you 🙏🏽

Steve Creffield

Item great

March 27, 2024

Fantastic item. Really helpful and easy to use. The Share Library is a great resource to have in community – the only downside for me is as somebody with a lung condition the lack of available/nearby parking is a bit of a bind


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey! Thanks for this great feedback. We know there are many people like you who for various reasons struggle to get to us down there at the shop or to carry heavy things to their cars. We hope that in the near future we will move to different premises with parking or start a home delivery service to help alleviate these problems. Keeps your eyes peeled for future news and if you can donate towards these projects in the meantime then you can do so at Thanks again! The SHARE Team

Chocolate Fountain proves popular with 6 year olds!

March 13, 2024

For things you don’t use everyday the Share Shop in Frome is a goldmine. They are very easy to book online and collect and return. £3 for a chocolate fountain that was the STAR of a 6 years old’s birthday party, such good value and feels great not to be buying more and more things that we use once or twice a year. Good for the planet, good for your bank balance.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey there! Thank you for your kind feedback. We’re so pleased to hear that the chocolate fountain went down a storm. We love helping people in Frome party. We’ll look forward to catching you next time you pop in. The SHARE Team

Notice board

January 29, 2024

I borrowed the boards to display photos at my husbands memorial. Worked perfectly.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hi Jean. Thank you so much for giving us feedback about your borrow. We’re so pleased we could help you on this very special occasion and we hope we’ll see you again for another borrow in future. The SHARE Team

Slow cooker success

December 16, 2023

I was so pleased to be able to borrow this slow cooker. I didn’t need anything fancy, just something that’d cook on a low heat for 6-7 hours. Did a lovely stew in it and was pleased to find it easy to clean. The £2 to borrow it from Friday to Monday was very well spent!

Róisín Grasby

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Roisin! Glad to hear you managed to make a cheap and wholesome meal when you borrowed our slow cooker. Nothing better than a delicious stew. See you again soon. Many thanks The SHARE Team

Dancing party

November 2, 2023

Great to borrow instead of buy. Made it easier to celebrate! Thank you !

Alison Blofeld

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Alison. We hope you were able to spend the money you saved by borrowing the lights on some delicious treats for your party and that you had a lovely time. Look forward to seeing you again sometime for more borrows. The SHARE Team

Simple process from beginning to end.

October 27, 2023

With a forthcoming party on the calendar, I found the whole process of borrowing items from the Share shop so simple. From choosing three games from their catalogue,( Giant Jenga, Connect 4 and Croquet). I simply collected the items from the shop and returned them after the weekend. I shall be using them again. Many thanks to the friendly staff.

Judith Harding

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Judith. Thank you for the kind feedback. We’re really glad you got to enjoy the garden games we have and that you found the process of borrowing an easy one. We hope to see you again very soon. The SHARE Team


October 9, 2023

Having the use of the wheelchair made all the difference to my cousin that was visiting from Canada. My cousin was recovering from two broken feet, the accident having happened four months earlier. It meant we could have access to places for a visit that would otherwise be impossible.

It was both very affordable and efficient, thank you Share Shop.

Jenny Pepper

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Jenny. Its so lovely to hear that we wearable to make a difference to your cousins visit to the UK. We hope you both had a lovely time together. Thank you for taking good care of our wheelchair and we’ll look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future. The SHARE Team

Cordless circular saw

October 2, 2023

Share Shop is brilliant!

I borrowed a cordless circular saw because there was no nearby power however although I charged the battery fully there wasn’t enough power to cut more than half of one piece of wood!

Pity about this one but still very happy to support the Share Shop


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Alex

I’m so sorry to hear the circular saw didn’t work for you. It sounds like the item might be getting old and so the battery is no longer holding charge. Thank you so much for providing this really valuable feedback so that we can make sure that we can fix this issue ready for our next borrower. The SHARE Team

Just the job

September 24, 2023

I borrowed a circular saw so I could cut some large timbers to build a raised bed in the garden. Being able to borrow the tool for a couple of days was enough to get the job done, saving me lots of hard manual work. It also saves the shelf space in the garage storing a tool for infrequent use. Share shop’s hours are convenient now, allowing me to collect the item after work and drop it back early in the morning. A brilliant service- we love Share Frome.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Carl. Thank you for your feedback. We love a good DIY project and definitely a nice raised bed. Be aware that as of 2nd October we will be going to our Autumn/Winter opening hours which are as follows:

Monday – 15:00-18:00

Tuesday – 9:00-12:00

Wednesday – CLOSED

Thursday – 15:00-18:00

Friday – 9:00-12:00

Saturday – 9:00-12:00

Sunday – CLOSED

See you soon for another borrow. 🙂

Paddle board

September 24, 2023

Paddle board was fine and did what we needed it to when we figured out the valve to inflate.

Staff at Share were very helpful and understanding about confusion over due date which changed due to altered shifts in the shop.

Just a shame it is so expensive to borrow a paddle board for a week- due to having to borrow for just over the week and getting charged for a week and a half so £60. You can buy one for £85!

Elanor Steel

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

We’re really glad to have been able to help you with your paddle board hire. Hire isn’t for everybody and we hear your point about long term hire prices vs the buy price. We stick by our borrowing charges as our library of things is for those who don’t want to buy and are happy to pay more for us to store and maintain a paddle board for them to borrow when they want it. We also know that our hire prices are significantly cheaper than paddle board hire company prices both online and if you were to hire from somewhere on a beach. We hope you will continue to borrow from us. 🙂

Appears to work for some people, but not us

August 10, 2023

(Ref your reminder to return this item , it has already been returned, this afternoon, Monday. about 4pm).

As per the email sent earlier today, this machine and the accompanying five leads don’t appear to have the right connections for a relatively new Samsung tv..


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Good morning Rowland

Thank you for your feedback. I’m really sorry that you feel the service you received from SHARE only deserved 1 star. Having spoken with the member of staff who served you I know that she talked through all the information she had about the item with you and the potential limitations it has which she had been told about through another regular user. Unfortunately, with over 700 items in our catalogue, we can’t know everything about all of them so we include the full instructions for all our library items on its online page so people can check for compatibility and make informed choices before they borrow. On further investigation this week with our technical engineer, it seems likely that the VHS/DVD recorder is just too old to be compatible with a new television like yours. Due to your email we have however included an additional adaptor which might be helpful for others to use in future. Many thanks Jess (Marketing & Operations Manager)

Perfect and so easy

July 10, 2023

I borrowed 2 paddleboards and 4 buoyancy aids over a weekend, great fun and a really good price.

Lesley Penny

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Thanks Lesley. We’re so glad that you all enjoyed the borrow and that bit of rain didn’t;t spoil your fun. See you next time. 🙂 The SHARE Team


June 27, 2023

Such polite and helpful people…the canopy was brilliant.

Rhona and Julian Watson

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey! I have passed your kind words on to the shop team so thank you for the feedback. Glad the canopy did the trick. See you again next time. The SHARE Team

Tree lopper with saw blade

June 19, 2023

The borrowing & returning process was very easy. You have superb staff/volunteers!

The tree lopper was a bit of a disappointment (already discussed this with the staff member) as it didn’t cut anything, even tiny twigs! Also it didn’t extend either but that was probably how it had been donated.

However the saw part of the lopper saved the day & we successfully managed to saw through the offending few branches, so a success after all!

Thank you!

Tina Meldon

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Tina. Sorry to hear about the lopper not doing the job. We’ll definitely look into that and get it all ready and working for next time. Thanks also for the great feedback about the staff. I have fed this back to the team in the shop and its great to be able to do this and make them feel valued for all their hard work. Really appreciate your patience and your kindness. We’ll look forward to seeing you next time you’re in. The SHARE Team.

Super Service

June 19, 2023

Friendly, accessible, great idea.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Chris! Thanks for the feedback. I have given your feedback to the team in the shop so thank you. We’ll look forward to seeing you next time you’re in. The SHARE Team.

Circular saw of dreams

June 19, 2023

I had a stack of wood to chop so instead of buying a circular saw I hired it twice from the Share Library and it was pure joy! What a great saw (Makita) and a fantastic service and opportunity to borrow rather than buy. Can’t wait to borrow more!

Lyndsey Mayhew-Dehany

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Lynsey! Thanks for the feedback. It’s a good one right. We love it when people donate quality items like this as they’re built to last and will help lots of people just like you. All our stuff is in our online catalogue so just take a look anytime to find other handy and fun things to borrow. We’ll look forward to seeing you next time you’re in. The SHARE Team.

Handy; useful; friendly

June 19, 2023

Thanks for letting me hire a sledge hammer – the job took longer than I expected, so I had to extend the hire by a week, which I completed online, easily. But all done now, and hammer returned ~ thanks.

I’ll remember to check Share next time I need to use something I haven’t got handy at home.

Chris Walford

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Chris! Thanks for the feedback. Its great to hear we had the tool for the job in hand. These things always take longer than you think. Yes all our stuff is in our online catalogue so just take a look anytime to find other handy stuff and we’ll look forward to seeing you next time you’re in. The SHARE Team.

Handy; useful; friendly

June 19, 2023

Thanks for letting me hire a sledge hammer – the job took longer than I expected, so I had to extend the hire by a week, which I completed online, easily. But all done now, and hammer returned ~ thanks.

I’ll remember to check Share next time I need to use something I haven’t got handy at home.

Chris Walford

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Chris. We’re so glad to hear we had what you were after for the job in hand. These things always take longer than you think. 🙂 We’ll look forward to seeing you again soon for practical borrows and don’t forget we have fun stuff too. Thanks The SHARE Team

So Easy To Use

May 18, 2023

Such a great idea. Easy to use. I reserved garden loppers. Paid on pick up. Returned on time, no hassle. So easy to borrow and makes you feel good about sharing.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Hazel. We’re so glad you found borrowing from SHARE worthwhile and we’ll look forward to seeing you next time you’re in. The SHARe Team

Borrowed jet wash

April 25, 2023

So easy and cheap, would recommend to anyone!

Georgia Chambers

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Georgia. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you were able to get the job done with our pressure washer. So satisfying when everything is sparkly again. Look forward t seeing you again in the shop very soon. Thanks The SHARE Team

Hop up share

April 18, 2023

For someone who has to be careful working at height the hopup is a boon

It creates a platform to walk along and give a feeling of security compared to a stool or steps

Have used it several times and will be back!!


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Peter. Thank you for the great review. We’re really glad you have found our hop-up to be useful. We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to SHARe very soon. The SHARE Team

Stair gate

April 18, 2023

Not safe for a child, even a very tiny 18 month old opened it immediately. Probably more a dog gate. Would not recommend it as a safety gate for young children. The staff member that we spoke to at Victoria Park assured us that we would not be charged for this item, as it simply did not work. Staff members were all friendly and helpful. We will certainly use this service again. Thank you.

Marilyn Barrell

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hi Marilyn. Thank you for letting us know about the problems with the stair gate. Having seen your feedback we have removed it from the library as suitable for children and as you suggested, we will make it available for use with dogs. Great suggestion. Thank you for your positive response about your overall experience with SHARE and we’ll look forward to seeing you again soon. The SHARE Team

Thermal Imaging Camera

March 10, 2023

Great bit of kit—inexpensive loan fee for what it accomplished for us. It clearly showed us where heat was leaking, and cold was infiltrating. It gave us a clear picture of where better to insulate our home.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

This is great news. We put on the snow especially too. Just as a free extra. 😉 Glad you’ll be able to concentrate your money in the right areas for insulation. Good luck with getting it sorted and see you again next time. The SHARE Team

Thermal camera

January 13, 2023

Very good tool. Had for 3days . Did all that needed to be done. Very easy to hire. Very welcoming staff/volunteers


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Thank you Jon. We hope you found all those spots where the heat was leaking out. See you again soon. The SHARE Team

Great, convenient and easy

January 9, 2023

We borrowed 2 double air beds and the chocolate fountain for my daughters birthday. Staff really attentive to all my queries in advance of booking and quality of stuff all good


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Thanks Rachel. We hope your daughter had a lovely birthday and enjoyed all the chocolate loveliness. The SHARE Team

Paper shredder

January 9, 2023

We borrowed a paper shredder. We’ve just moved here & couldn’t believe our luck in finding Share Frome , such an amazing idea that we’d read about in eco-magazines but never seen. The whole system is very efficiently run & staff so friendly. It’s a no brainer as they say. Definitely use again.

Marlene & Dave

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Welcome to Frome Marlene and Dave and thank you for popping in and using our paper shredder. We’ll look forward to seeing you next time. The SHARE Team

renting a cot

January 9, 2023

unfortunately the cot was not suitable for someone over 24 months so it was returned early. We were lucky yo have a friend who had a suitable cot.

We were pleased to have good help from you and wish all your staff a happy new year.

Gordon Kershaw

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Happy New Year Gordon. Thank you for this really valuable feedback. We’ll be sure to let people know this in future. The SHARE Team


November 16, 2022

All good! The dehydrator worked really well with our Chinese hawthorn leathers, it’s a bit noisy but a clean machine. Glad we don’t have to store it at home, thanks!

James Hollingsworth

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Thanks for your feedback James. We’re really glad to hear the dehydrator worked its magic for you. We’ll look forward to a taster sometime. 😉 The SHARE Team

Good quality unit, worked really well

October 10, 2022

I needed an orbital sander for a hallway floor project. The MacAllister unit on offer was perfect for the job and the hire rates are so reasonable that it was very affordable, given that I needed it for two weeks to fit around the times I could actually devote to the project. Really helpful staff. I will be returning again soon as I always have projects on the go.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Karl. Thanks for coming to SHARE to borrow the sander. We’re glad to hear it did the job and we’re looking forward to welcoming you to the shop again soon. The SHARE Team

Easy borrowing

September 14, 2022

Better than buying for a one-off item, the notice board was great for a weekend.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Thanks for the feedback Sheila. We’re glad you made use of our notice board. We hope to have more choices in future too. 🙂 The SHARE Team

Flip Chart stand success!

September 7, 2022

I borrowed a flip chart stand for an event. It was perfect! We don’t need to own a collapsible flip chart stand – it takes up space and we don’t often use one. I borrowed one from SHARE and it was great. Really great condition and worked brilliantly. Really happy to borrow items like this – it’s so worth it – I feel really grateful for the SHARE library.

Sue Palmer, Green & Healthy Future Frome

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Sue. Glad you found the stand useful and that its something we can store for you to save you guys space at work. The SHARE Team

Great product and service experience

September 7, 2022

Whole process was so easy and people in shop so friendly

Window cleaner was useful although no instructions which would be helpful even if just basic 😀

Cleaned top windows and conservatory roof.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Lynn. Thank you for your feedback. It’s good to know you managed to get the tricky conservatory roof done with this item too. A good shout about having instructions. We don’t generally tend to give instructions out to people on paper because they often get lost and it goes against our policy of trying to be green but there should usually be instructions on the item page in our catalogue on the website. I checked on this item and there isn’t so thank you for highlighting this. Thanks to you, we’ll have this information ready for the next user. The Share Team


August 31, 2022

Excellent loudspeaker, performed very well from Internet and live microphone. Helpful and polite staff arranged everything really easily. Thanks to all concerned

Julian Watson

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

That’s fantastic news Julian. Thank you for coming to us for this borrow. We hope to see you again in the future. The SHARE Team

Snugpack 6 person tent 🙌🏼

August 30, 2022

This tent was in great condition, was pretty quick and easy to put up and was the perfect ‘home’ for a fabulous camping weekend. Spacious for 4 of us with plenty of storage space. It was super simple to book, collect and return. The SHARE team are great! I’m never not impressed by the SHARE experience! Thank you!


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Katie. We’re so glad you enjoyed using our tent. Thanks for the lovely comments about our service. I’ll be sure to share your comments with the rest of the team. Look forward to seeing you next time. The SHARE Team

Excellent and easy

August 17, 2022

It was so much easier to borrow the event shelter than I’d thought it would be. These things are really expensive to buy, but cheap to borrow for a few days. Excellent service all round, thank you.

Joanna Harvey

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

We’re so glad you found borrowing the event shelter easy and affordable to borrow and thank you for providing feedback. The SHARE Team.

Angle grinder and sledge hammer

August 5, 2022

Staff were very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Thanks for all your help.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Mark. We’re glad to have been able to help you get your jobs done and look forward to seeing you again.

Baby highchairs

August 4, 2022

Excellent, efficient system. I just needed 2 highchairs for a weekend, so didn’t want to buy and store my own.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Our perfect type of customer. Thanks for feeding back Patricia and I’m glad we could be of help. See you next time. 🙂

Smoke machine and photo backdrop

July 26, 2022

Fantastic service, very easy. Friendly staff.

All items easy to use. Definitely recommend.

Jessica Comer

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Thank you for your feedback Jess. We hope using the small machine was fun and look forward to seeing you at SHARE again soon. 🙂

Love Share Shop

June 29, 2022

Borrowed tent and camping gear for a week in a field #glasto

Staff helpful and cheerful as ever

I’ve been a member from the beginning and it’s a great way to reduce the need for everyone to own everything

Highly recommend Frome Share Shop

Jill Smart

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Jill. Thanks for the review. We’re glad to hear we were able to help you enjoy your Glasto experience. See you again soon. The Share Team.

Brilliant service

June 24, 2022

I borrowed a power washer. The service couldn’t be better from pick up to collection. Everyone very friendly and helpful. It only cost £9.00 to borrow the washer ( which really did the job) as I borrowed it on Saturday afternoon and took it back on Tuesday morning when they opened again. Altogether brilliant thanks 😊

Bob ashford

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Bob. Thank you for the feedback. Its lovely to hear that you enjoyed your experience borrowing through SHARE and that we could be of use to you. We’ll look forward to welcoming you back to the shop next time. The SHARE Team


June 15, 2022

Thanks everyone, it was great to set up a trade stall at the local park that didn’t cost the earth!


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Either financially or environmentally! 😉 So glad we could help. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

No instructions to go by

June 7, 2022

Sadly we were unable to use the gazebo we hired after multiple attempts to put up as there were no instructions. We haven’t had issues before but not ordered this kind previously.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Lisa. We’re sorry you weren’t able to use the gazebo you borrowed from us and we’re glad to hear you managed to find another one you could borrow at the event so it didn’t spoil your day. 🙂 A handy tip for future. We try to put all instructions onto the product pages of the items on our website just in case instructions can not or have not been included in the items themselves. We’ll certainly make sure we print off another set and add it to the gazebo and thank you for providing the feedback so we know to do this. 🙂 Take care and see you again soon.

Had a great first experience with Share Frome

May 31, 2022

I loved hiring my massage chair. I had a problem renewing the item which was my own error, but the staff were brilliant in helping me renew the item effortlessly and happily. Super friendly service, great product and I love the concept of the Sharing Economy. So important in our times. I’ve already booked some camping items for June and I’m looking around the whole catalogue to see what else I can borrow in the future.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Thanks so much for your borrow and your kind comments. It sounds like you’ve got the borrowing bug now. Lol! Let the fun begin! See you in June.

Service with a smile

May 8, 2022

Had just what I needed.


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Glad we could be of help Nick and thanks for the review. See you again soon.

Just when I needed something...there it was!

May 8, 2022

I suddenly experienced acute back pain so needed crutches quickly and only for a short time. When I searched the Share catalogue they had a pair of crutches in stock ready for collection. They were cheap, short term, and really helped me out. Brilliant service too! Thank you to everyone at Share!

Emma Parker

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Emma. We’re really sorry to hear you were suffering but so glad that we were able to help you out. We hope you’re feeling better and look forward to seeing you again soon. Hopefully for something fun next time. 🙂

Given me the confidence to switch to reusable nappies

May 4, 2022

I borrowed the Almost Birth to Potty reusable nappy pack for my 5 month old baby. I’d wanted to try cloth nappies for a while but didn’t know where to start as everyone says you need to try different kinds to see what works for you and your baby. This pack was perfect for that – a really useful collection of different kinds including pocket nappies, all in ones, fitted with wraps etc as well as plenty of boosters and fleece liners, all in good condition. There were some small discrepancies with what the inventory said and what the pack contained but it still had everything I needed to get the hang of the different kinds (with a bit of Googling for advice on fit etc). I’ve now bought some second hand versions of the ones we got on with best so will be continuing to cloth bum. Thank you for making this pack available – so valuable!

Rosie Downes

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Rosie. Thank you for your review of our reusable nappies. We’ll certainly take a look into the discrepancies against the inventory and thank you for letting us know about it. We’re really glad to hear that borrowing the nappies gave you the courage to to go down the reusable route. Hopefully see you again soon for another borrow.

Don't know what I would have done without Share: Frome — Library of Things

May 3, 2022

My oven decided not to work and I was stuck, but then I remembered the Share shop in Frome and went online and saw that they had an electric oven I could hire… RESULT! So easy to reserve and book online and then I simple pootled down to the Share Shop to pay and collect it! So quick and easy!! Thank you Share: Frome xxx

Sheila McClurg

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Sheila. Thanks for the review. We’re really glad the oven you borrowed from us could be of use. Pootle by again sometime soon and hopefully we’ll have something else fab you can borrow.

A tent for the long weekend

April 19, 2022

Only found out about the share library a couple of days before we due to go away. Almost cancelled the trip. However, Share to the rescue with an array of tent size options. We went for the 4 man some type as we like to be able to stand. Easy to put up, instructions seen into bag. You will obviously need the mallet and anything you want inside the tent but this one came with pegs. Very straight forward hiring process. I will definitely use again when the need arises. Can’t comment on how waterproof the tent was as it didn’t rain 😁

Rachael Watts

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Glad we could come to the rescue for you Rachael so you didn’t have to cancel your trip and you could get away. Look forward to seeing you next time. 🙂

Wow what a great community service!

April 14, 2022

We borrowed a projector and screen to hold a mini cinema night for a birthday and the whole process was really easy and worked really well. Reserving the items and collecting was very straight forward and as we had booked it out for a week managed to watch a couple of extra things on it before returning. We’ll definitely be coming back, thanks very much!


Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Hey Katie. We’re so glad you enjoyed using the projector and screen and that you got the service you expected. Look forward to seeing you again soon. 🙂

Belt Sander Does The Job

April 14, 2022

A really effective sander. So pleased I borrowed this as it would have been a big investment with an unlikely possibility that it would be used again as it was for a one time job in stripping some painted garden furniture. Not sure that the dust collector was totally doing it’s job and this may be why it would occasionally become hot and cut out. I’d still hire it again though and know the shop will be looking into any problem.

Kevin Ross

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

Glad we could save you some cash whilst enabling you to get a job done. Hope your furniture looks great in the garden. Thanks for the feedback on the dust collector. I think my dealt at home is the same but we’ll certainly look into it. See you again soon. 🙂

Fantastic resources - Friendly, helpful & welcoming - Community and sustainably minded

March 25, 2022

I had been looking forward to borrowing my first item from the share library as I think it’s such a fantastic community and sustainably minded initiative. Everyone at the share library was very helpful and friendly. I really appreciated being shown the different options of lawn mower available to borrow so I could see how heavy they were, as I was planning to walk home with it.

I went for the manual lawn mower which was much harder to use than I expected on the long wet grass but I didn’t mind – it was a good work out! And it was very easy to transport home.

Thanks again, I will be back for sure!

Annelies Henny Peek

Response from SHARE Frome, A Library of Things

AAAh! Its so lovely to hear that you had a helpful and positive experience when you came to visit. That’s what we’re here for. Come in anytime to borrow one of our mowers again. See you then! 🙂

Hire of thermal imaging camera

March 15, 2022

An ideal item to have available at a sensible price. The camera was easy to use straight out of the box and i could download the images as jpeg files to my computer. With fuel prices and global warming this is a must do project for anyone wanting to work out where best to improve their home insulation. good friendly service and the online booking system worked well.


What a fantastic idea Share Frome really is!

March 8, 2022

As a charity-based home , its not always viable for us to purchase things we may only use occasionally. Our residents really benefit from us being able to hire equipment. It means we are able to provide a much more varied plan of activities for them to enrich their stay at Ashwood.


Fantastic bang for buck.

March 2, 2022

I rented a small set of disco lights and a portable PA system for my child’s 5th birthday party. None of these items were up to the standard you’d get from an outfit catering to professional audio and lighting, but also all of these items were a fraction of the cost and all were perfectly suitable for my needs.

We had a great time, the music was going, the lights were flashing, and the kids were running about to Baby Shark.

I will definitely be back for more in the future, thanks.


Fab Idea, great borrowing experience.

March 2, 2022

I borrowed 2 x air mattresses, I needed them for a one off sleep over so didn’t want to spend lots. I joined with an annual membership easily and reserved my items all online. Pick up was simple and quick. The mattresses themselves were in great condition and perfect for the job. I dropped them back off the next day. I saved lots of money compared to buying new and hopefully helped towards saving the planet a little! What could be better?!

Emily Brice


November 19, 2021

Now my go to place for anything I will not use very often why buy

Tony patch

Share Shop is an Amazing Addition to Frome!

November 15, 2021

Really a very big fan of Share:Frome and will continue to use the service in the future. All the items I took out were in perfect working order, the price was great and the online booking system was easy. The easy access to many items actually encouraged me to do a big DIY project I had been planning for a long time.

A big thank you to the team over there as they were very understanding – I had an accident and had to bring the items back one day late.

Emma Street


November 15, 2021

What a lovely and professional service!! We’ve been treated with a smile and politeness. The wheelchair we’ve borrowed literally saved me from being stuck at home with broken leg! Thank you!! Fantastic place and loads of things to borrow, so before you buy you should have a look into Share: Frome first to save money and environment!


So easy and a great library of things

October 6, 2021

First time using Share and what an easy and great experience. Borrowed a dehydrator to use on our Apple harvest. We have now preserved a stash of apple snacks for the coming month.

Thank you for an easy, friendly and well organised experience. I will use again

Kelly Louise Lewis

Strimmer - Did the job!

September 20, 2021

Great item. Worked exactly as it should. Would use again for sure. Only issue was that the strimmer wire needed re-threading a few times and if (like me) you’re not adept at that sort of thing a laminated card showing how it goes in might help?

Nick Martin

Gazebos for a celebration at the Vicarage

September 7, 2021

Gazebos in excellent condition with directions that were easy to follow.

Caroline Thornycroft

Lawnmower #10 cuts the mustard

September 7, 2021

I’m a regular user of the Share library. It’s a fantastic service. Wish there were a couple of dedicated parking spots nearby to load/unload. Otherwise, all is good.



September 7, 2021

Everyone so helpful, tents were great

Ann Edney

Definitely worth doing

August 25, 2021

The instructions are easy to follow, and although quite heavy, the cleaner and soft furnishing attachment were also easy to use. It removed stains from my carpets and sofas and has given my sitting room a new lease of life. I was surprised that it all dried quicker than I was expecting- the carpet only 2 hours or so – and I was able to do 2 small rooms, 2 sofas’ arms and a flight of stairs. Easily doable in one days’ hire, but make sure you park close by – although it has a carrying handle, I had to use both arms to carry it to the car park.

Sian Spoerer

First borrow of a lawnmower

August 25, 2021

Brilliant. Signed on Sunday evening after years of prevarication. Walked in on my way home at lunchtime, showed driving licence and walked out with lawnmower for 24 hours. Wheeled it down the road; mowed exuberant new turf, had lunch and wheeled it back. Easy peasy.

Overall the simplest online registration and transaction ever.

I recently tried to buy a bottle of whisky online from a huge multi-national conglomerate. It was such confusing mess ordering and they then made such a bigger mess that I cancelled it as even if it ever arrived the experience of drinking it would have been spoiled. I told them, a little facetiously, there we little organisations in my town who could better. Thanks for proving me right.

Neil Howlett

Five star

August 25, 2021

Borrowed a couple of items for camping and some outdoor games. Very happy with the ease it was to borrow and how cheap it was . Staff very polite and helpful .


Bell Tent

August 25, 2021

So pleased we hired this retro Bell Tent. It is lightweight and compact and yet very comfortably slept 4 of us, with loads of room to spare. Super easy and quick to pitch and take down. We’ll be borrowing it again!


Excellent value and super friendly

August 12, 2021

Super value, choice, and friendliness, extreamly helpful.

Would highly recommend.

Liz Horstmann

Ordering gardening equipment

July 23, 2021

As a Support Worker supporting someone with an LD to use The Share Shop the whole process has been very easy from start to finish, amazing communication, flexibility throughout too. Thank you

Mark Turner

Everything you need for a party!

July 23, 2021

Excellent – we hired a number of items for a party. Good to participate in the sharing economy and all the things we borrowed where used and enjoyed (bubble machine, ribbon sticks, candy floss maker & popcorn machine).


the ducklings were very happy...

July 23, 2021

In the paddling pool I borrowed from Share, and I’m very happy I don’t have to house a paddling pool until I want to hatch ducklings again. The ducklings have gone to live in a beauty spot in Devon, my sisters farm, and have made the transition from having me as their mummy to being proper ducks, they look very smart in their adult plumage.


Great service

June 14, 2021

Really easy pick up and return. Equipment in good working order.

Robert Morgan

Perfect for the job

June 14, 2021

I’ve never used an electric sander before, so wasn’t sure which of the several on offer to pick, but the one shown to me seemed fine and indeed did a brilliant job. Easy to use, plus a clear explanation of how to fit the consumable sandpaper. I booked the sander and two sheets of sandpaper for two days, but only needed it for one, and was able to get a refund for the one sheet of sandpaper not used. A painless first experience of a Share Library loan!

Sian Spoerer

Saved me so much time!

May 2, 2021

I borrowed a cordless screwdriver/drill to help me put together a garden structure and I’m so glad I did. It was really powerful, so saved me a lot of work drilling pilot holes and screwing in the screws, which would have taken ages by hand. I also got a lot of other little jobs done before I had to return it to Share.


Excellent, easy process. Such a wonderful idea and resource.

April 28, 2021

I would encourage everyone to enrol and use Share Shop.

Dr P Needham

Home energy wastage

February 18, 2021

Using the thermal image camera when the weather is cold makes it possible to highlight where properties are losing heat in a big way then design solutions to cold bridging. Every house type should be evaluated in this way so that cost-effective solutions can be designed and implemented.


SHARE has ideal flood lights with rechargeable batteries for outdoor events

December 18, 2020

A community carol concert in Catherine Street was illuminated by lights from SHARE

Caroline Thornycroft

Great service!

December 8, 2020

This was my first loan. Order, collection and drop off was made easy. I needed to extend my loan and they were very helpful and friendly. A great selection of items to borrow. I will be using again.

Charlene Duncan

Top notch spades

November 16, 2020

They dug splendid holes and we’d highly recommend them to anyone with snow to shovel or a pit to dig.

Shared Earth Learning

Fruit dehydrator

October 29, 2020

Joining Share and collecting my first ‘borrow’ couldn’t have been easier. The dehydrator was excellent and it was great to be able to access the manual online. It’s not a piece of equipment we’d use often so borrowing made perfect sense: thanks, Share!



October 12, 2020

I borrowed the rectangular Andrew James dehydrator and loved it. It’s a bulky, occasional items so ideal for the Share shop as few would have room for it in their kitchen. I dehydrated apples from the tree to make apple crisps which my son loved. I dehydrated the marjoram from the garden. I’ve dehydrated figs for use in granola, citrus slices for drinks and sweet potato slices to make healthy dog chews. One of the most interesting things however was dehydrating veg and then blitzing to make a salt-free vegetable stock powder. Will definitely borrow again at some point for another dehydrating session.


Brilliant idea

October 6, 2020

Love the share shop, brilliant idea

Tim Heaver


October 2, 2020

Useful as not the sort of thing I’d want to buy! We needed to remove a kitchen kick board and this was just the job.

Sally Perry

Much needed quality tool, perfect for my needs once in a Blue Moon.

August 27, 2020

Start to finish the whole lending experience was practical, straight forward and enjoyable. My first time using Share.

Like many of us I’ve had a tool for years which was initially purchased as a response to a great urgent need. It’s doomed, only to be forgotten years later.

The Crank Extractor is good quality. This is important so as not to strip the threads off the peddle/crank arms which are much more costly than the actual tool.

I’m very grateful for the service in addition to the organisation which make this all possible.


Proper job

August 24, 2020

Set up account and 30 mins later 1 st borrow done. Easy process and great team.


Brilliant concept, brilliant process

August 10, 2020

Very proud to live in a place with such an innovate shop. Every town should have one! Smooth and easy process from start to finish, and the goods were in great condition. Thank you!


Electric hob

August 7, 2020

I used the electric hob for the melting an artist’s primer Jezo in my studio, it gave me the flexibility of trying something out at the other end of the house from the kitchen. It had a useful instruction manual.

Viv Meadows

Borrowed a stripper

July 27, 2020

Wallpaper stripper/ steamer borrowed

TBH I didn’t use it but it kept my daughter occupied for a few days, she tells me it worked fine


Brand new equipment.

July 20, 2020

I was in need of a de-humidifier due to excessive damp following heavy rain fall. I was very suprised and pleased to see I could borrow a substantial de-humidifier, recently acquired by the Store. It worked a treat. Very happy!!

Anni Tuffnell

Pressure washer

July 13, 2020

Great service at the shop and the machine was in excellent condition and worked very well.


Bike Stand.

July 10, 2020

I found borrowing the stand a good experience. I was treated with help and courtesy as we have come to expect in a town where caring and sharing is brilliant. We were happy to support what is a great idea.


A brilliant resource

March 16, 2020

We are so lucky to have the Share Shop here in Frome – it’s such a useful resource for the community with really friendly, helpful staff.

Our oven had broken so we’ve borrowed a small temporary oven from the Share Shop while we wait to get a new one. We also borrowed table football while we were at it 🙂

Katy Brickley

Crisis Time resolved by Posh New De-humidifier!

March 13, 2020

Very relieved and excited to pick up a brand new de-humidifier from Share Frome. Recently bought by the shop and helped me resolve partially my damp problem due to recent severe weather.

Easy to use and also to transport as on wheels. 🙂

Happy Customer!! 🙂

Anni Tuffnell

Seamless process

March 3, 2020

Hired a wallpaper steamer. Seamless transaction and steamer did what it was meant to do. Very satisfied borrower 🙂


A wrecking bar

February 28, 2020

It was easy cheap and saved me buying something I may use once

Very friendly and helpful in the shop

Alan Taylor

Just a great service

February 19, 2020

It is so very refreshing to enter a retail/service outlet and feel welcomed and then meet a man ( name unknown …..fine beard and enviable long hair !,) who helps without being pushy and then gives great service. Quite simply awesome

Jeremy Gilmer

Great way to borrow...

February 14, 2020

First class service from friendly and professional staff. Got just what I needed and sorted very quickly and efficiently. Well done everyone, will use again and would recommend to anyone.

Cate Robertson

If the Share Shop has it, it makes great sense to borrow

February 11, 2020

How many times have you bought an item, used it once or only a few times and regret buying it? I know I have. Go to the Share Shop, borrow it for a small price for a few days and free up space in your shed!

Martin Jeffery

A brilliant idea and sharing of resources

February 1, 2020

A brilliant idea and sharing of resources. Every town needs a Share shop if we are to reduce mindless consumption. Imagine if they were in the public library, integrating the concept of shared assets in the new circular economy.


Today I joined SHARE

January 31, 2020

Today I Joined ‘Share’. I needed a gardening shovel for a one off project and didn’t want to buy one.

I am excited that Frome has this shop!


Remember to think SHARE

January 17, 2020

I needed a battery charger as my van’s battery went flat … I knew my dad has one in London … but I couldn’t wait until I next went there … so I was going to go and buy one … then my wife said, ‘why not just borrow one from SHARE?’ Yes! Of course, saved me time and money. I must remember when I need something to think ‘SHARE’!


Slide copier

January 15, 2020

Excellent bit of kit, but not one that I’d want to buy, so having the ability to borrow it is great. The system is clear and easy to use, plus the staff are friendly!


SHARE is an excellent initiative run by interesting, helpful members of the community.

January 13, 2020

The more people who participate, the greater the contribution SHARE can make to helping people do what they can to care for and protect our environment; every step leads to change and adds up to leading us away from the destructive path society has been selfishly and slavishly following.


Cool, community, lovely

December 17, 2019

A really cool place, community driven, lovely people


Fantastic project

December 8, 2019

Fantastic project, such a variety of useful stuff to borrow, with lovely friendly helpful staff!



December 2, 2019

Have been dehydrating all sorts over the last week! The machine was in good condition and did an amazing job.

Collection and return was well managed. Thank you!


Made life better

November 26, 2019

SHARE Frome has made life better for everyone in Frome. SHARE’s willingness to make it work and Can-Do attitude makes countless lives better. From a movie night with friends made magical with projectors, sound systems and popcorn machines. To fixing the leak in the roof with reliable power tools, sanders, and drills. Every person and project’s requirements are unique – but we all need to SHARE.


First time Share member recommends friendly helpful service!

November 19, 2019

Hi I’ve been telling everyone how useful Share has been. I borrowed a leaf vacuum/blower, and it did a great job for just a few pounds. The weed puller I borrowed wasn’t so useful, but I think that was due to the type of soil and position of the weeds. Trying out one from Share saved me buying a new one and finding out the hard way that it wasn’t what I needed!

Staff were friendly and helpful – glad I signed up as a member, as I shall be back for more garden & DIY tools.

Beverley Goddard

Borrowing flask

November 17, 2019

Really happy.


Couldn't have done it without you!

November 10, 2019

We’re trying to make room for our 6 month old by moving our two older kids into the loft. We have a very tight budget for this project so being able to borrow all of the necesarry equipment for only £6 for a whole week was amazing! I spent the weekend building a single bed with a trundle bed underneath for the little piplings. Can’t recommend highly enough!!

Kree Clark

Very useful

November 10, 2019

The lawn scarifier was great fire preparing a patch of grass for showing a wildflower patch.


An excellent scheme

October 30, 2019

An excellent scheme


thanks for existing Everytime I have needed something, the Shareshop has had it.

October 26, 2019

thanks for existing Everytime I have needed something, the Shareshop has had it.


A great facility!

October 23, 2019

A great facility!


Great store ******

October 22, 2019

Great store ******


Live clutter free

October 20, 2019

Excellent for people who want to avoid filling their homes and garages with stuff they only use once or twice. We can now live a clutter free life, knowing there is a place to borrow whatever it is we need.

SHARE your happy stories!