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wanted1EVENTS Croquet set, Gazebo, Party Lights, Solar lights, Cocktail shaker Cool Box Bubble machine HOME ITEMS  Carpet Cleaner Extra Large cooking pans Food mixer CRAFT ITEMS Laminator Rag rug hooks Crochet hooks Magnifier Airbrush kit Leather hole-punch Rotary cutter Badge-making kit Button-maker  TOOLS Metal Detector Floor sander DIY Belt sander Laser Level Copper Pipe Bender DECORATING Dust sheets Wire detector   HAND TOOLS Saw sharpener Small files Centre punch Draw Knives, Spoke shave, Shave horse, Large and unusual drill bits, Litter pick-up tool

GARDEN Bill hook Rotovator Log Splitter  MEDIA Cables for amps and guitar pedals HDMI / Cine Film Projector Lighting/sound rigs Sound System photography; backdrops eg.velvet  tripods  CHILDREN’S ITEMS Dressing up clothes SPORTS EQUIPMENT Children’s tennis rackets Hula hoops INSTRUMENTS Ukulele Banjo Percussion instruments CAMPING Battery operated air pump Double self-inflating mattress Solar Lights / lanterns 

Email us if you have anything you think might be useful.