We now have nearly 1,000 items in our catalogue, including plenty of drills and wallpaper steamers. We love to receive good quality versions of our popular items. If you think you have something that would be good for the community to share, get in touch at [email protected]

As well as items on our wish list we do accept many other donations. If you’re looking to declutter we can take most things and find a use for them – if not in our own Library of Things then we’ll find someone who wants them. As a general rule of thumb the only things we struggle to find new homes for are printers and baby related items!

Most wanted items

At the moment, we would like to have good quality versions of the following, which are particularly in demand:

  • Tents (especially 4-6 person tents)
  • Instruments inc. a flute and a saxophone
  • Glass Grinder
  • Rucksack carrier for baby/toddler
  • Children’s tennis rackets


We would also greatly appreciate some help keeping our items in top-tip order, with donations of the following:

  • jigsaw blades
  • circular saw blades
  • angle grinder discs
  • projector bulbs
  • sandpaper for belt, mouse and orbital sanders


We are interested in businesses (or other organisations) helping ‘sponsor’ some good quality or specialist items, or the expensive spare parts that we need. Visit this page if you are interested in sponsoring an item or section.