Customer Repair Services

SHARE Frome is proud to now have a group of kind and skilled volunteer repairers. When they are not busy keeping all the items in our library of things in tip top condition, they’ve agreed to help SHARE offer a repair service to the community of Frome.

If you have something you would like the SHARE Volunteer Repair Team to look at for you then please complete the form below in full, being sure to provide as much information as you can and where possible include photos. Then, agree our disclaimer before submitting it to us at SHARE Frome and someone will be get touch.


    Repair Costs

    - The customer is responsible for providing or funding any consumables such as leads, plugs, fuses, zips, etc. that may be needed to complete a repair.
    - All mains electrical items that undergo a repair will require a PAT test before being returned to the owner at a cost of £2.75 per item.
    - We ask that customers make a donation towards the purchase of tools and equipment, repairers time and the development of the service.

    Rules and Disclaimer:

    - After making an initial assessment of an item, repairers are fully entitled to use their discretion and refuse to repair an item should they so decide.
    - All repairs carried out at Share Frome are performed at the customer’s own risk. The advice and repair service is conducted by experienced volunteer repairers.
    - All customers are required to complete this registration form before any repairs can be contemplated.
    - Your personal information is not shared with any third party and is kept by SHARE only for the purpose of contacting you about your repair. If you choose to leave an email address, this will go on our mailing list and you will receive information about SHARE Fromes' events and services. You can easily unsubscribe from this service at anytime.
    - You give your item/s to us for repair at your own risk and you agree that SHARE Frome and its volunteers are not responsible for any loss or injury whatsoever that may result from any repair carried out or for any advice or instructions given and used at a later date.
    - Repairers offer no guarantee for any repairs carried out with or without their help and are not liable if any repaired items do not work properly at home or break down again in the future.
    - Customers are responsible for the removal of all items that cannot be repaired.

    I have read, understood and agree to the above house rules and disclaimer.