Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! To get 2022 off to a good start, we want to help you to keep your new years resolutions! We have made a list of some of the most common resolutions and what items SHARE can offer to help you!

Exercise more

Staying fit and healthy is important for physical as well as mental wellbeing, and we offer bike stands that allow you to attach your bicycle and use it as an indoor exercise bike! Great for rainy days! For more indoor exercise we have an exercise ball!

Why not start a new sport, such as cricket, football, tennis, or play badminton in your back garden with our badminton net? Or try out some circus skills such as spinning a diablo, juggling clubs, or hoola hoop spinning! For those who love cycling, we also offer bike tools, such as pumps, a crank extractor and a car bike rack!

Are you brave enough to go cold water swimming? We have wetsuits! Or why not keep it simple by getting some exercise by walking with our metal detector?

Eat Healthier

Eating ‘healthy’ can mean many different things and it can be hard to know what is healthy these days. The best thing to start with is focusing on eating more fresh fruit and veggies, as well as cooking from scratch and avoiding processed, fatty food. SHARE can help you out and has a great selection of utentils and appliances!

Create colourful salads with our spiralizer or veg slicer set. Make fresh and tasty juices with one of our juicers, and make yummy dried fruit snacks with our dehydrators! Make delicious smoothies, dips, sauces, as well as grate and slice veggies with our food processor! And make probiotic rich yoghurt with our yoghurt maker!

Get organized

Getting organised is a great way to help you be more productive, achieve more of your goals, as well as having a clearer head. Plus, the process of organising can be therapuetic! Why not get your office organised with our laminators and credit card/paper shredder? Get your family photo albums up to date with our paper trimmer, or digitise them with our photo scanner. Update your home VHS collection to DVD with our converter. Give your house a deeper clean with one of our carpet cleaners or steam cleaners.

Getting organised can also mean decluttering. Why not donate any of your unused tools and electric appliances to SHARE? And staying organised means staying clutter free, so instead of buying that bread maker that would need storing, why not borrow it and save you the kitchen space?

Learn a new skill or hobby 

It’s never too late to learn something new, no matter your age or current skills. Learn a new instrument, like the ukulele, guitar, keyboard or violin. Keep your instruments in tune with our tuner. Or take your guitar to the next level with our guitar pedal and amps. Wanting to try out busking? We have everything you need, including music stands, mics, stands and cables.

Explore your creative side and get painting with our artists easal, or illustrating with our lightbox. Start making your own clothes with our sewing machines and dummies. Or use one of our looms for making colourful creations. Make beautiful and delicious cakes with our cake decorating projector and other range of tins and tools. Start making movies with our camcorder.

Sick of being indoors? Start an outdoor hobby like metal detecting or bird watching with our binoculars!

Spend less money

This one is easier said than done, but we can start by saying…. Borrow, don’t Buy! You’ve heard us say this many times, but it really does help your wallet. Whether you borrow an item like a pressure washer from SHARE, or you simply borrow your neighbours hammer, you can save money by avoiding that quick but pricey online order.

Spend more time with family and friends

We offer quite a few fun items that bring people together. Unfortunately, the days of large social gatherings are still in the past, so why not focus on spending quality time with those in your household or bubble? You may be sick of seeing the same old faces, but perhaps you just need to do something fun together on the weekend? Have a movie night with one of our projectors, screens and popcorn maker! Get competitive with our table football, mini table tennis, giant Connect 4 and Jenga, or our wooden games set that includes 10 games in one, including Chess, Pass out and Checkers! Place your bets with our Poker set or show off your singing skills (or lack of) with our karaoke machine!

Food always connects people as it’s something we all have in common! Why not make a special meal for your family or a romantic meal for your significant other? Make a Spanish paella with our paella pan or hand-make some fresh spaghetti or linguine with our pasta making machine! Put together a yummy bruch with our crepe maker! Make a fun and delicious dessert with our chocolate fountain or fondue set or make some cocktails (and mocktails if you’re doing Dry January like me!) with our cocktail shaker set!

Travel more

While restrictions are still be in place, taking travel difficult, why not travel closer to home? This is not only better for the planet, avoiding the heavy emissions that come with flying, but you can see what great places are right on your doorstep. Need a suitcase? We have one! Get cycling on your trip with our car bike rack. Keep your drinks warm with our flasks and your food cold with our cooler bag or cooler box. Make sure to stay hydrated on long car journeys with our water carrier. Keep connected to the internet with our portable modems. Need to change or pump your car tyres before a long journey? We have a car jack and axle stands and a tyre pump. Travelling with a baby or small child? Use our travel cot, clip-on high chair or childs bike seat. And don’t forget to wear a mask where possible, wash your hands and follow guidelines!

Read more

Reading is great for the mind, whether you love to read gripping fiction or interesting and informative non-fiction. Why not try a new genre? While SHARE doesn’t offer books, we do love libraries of all kinds, and that includes your classic local library of books! Save money, space and emissions by borrowing a book this week!

Reduce stress

It’s been a stressful year, so why not take up meditation, yoga or a daily breathing exercises practise? Alternatively, take up gardening! It’s great for your mind and body, connecting you to nature, and is great for the planet. Browse our large range of gardening equipment, from spades and forks, to a garden hose and wheelbarrow. Keep your knees unbruised with our garden kneeler! Get ready for spring with our bulb planter and make your own eco pots with our paper pot maker!

During the cold months, the reduced light can be difficult for our mental health, so why not borrow our SAD lightbox? This can help with providing the illusion of sunlight, when it’s cloudy and grey outside. And lastly, a great way to destress is to have a massage! Do it yourself at home with our massage chair!


And finally, volunteering is great way to contribute to your local community, make connections and support important causes that help people and the environment. At SHARE:Frome, we are so grateful to have a wonderful team of volunteers that help us with running the shop, repairing items, PAT testing and generally supporting the cause.

Unfortunately, 2020 was a difficult year for allowing volunteers into the shop to help out and we were not able to induct any new volunteers. With 2021 now here, we are hopeful for the spring to bring the chance for our current and new volunteers to join us again! If you would like to volunteer with SHARE once that time comes, please fill in our volunteer form and we will keep you posted!