Ever wondered why someone might borrow things instead of buying them? What’s so great about SHARE? Well, there are 4 main reasons why it’s better to borrow instead of buy. Whether that’s borrowing at SHARE:Frome, or borrowing from friends and family!

1. Save the environment

Did you know that in 2019, SHARE:Frome was able to save 199 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, 254 tonnes of raw material use and 22 tonnes of manufacturing waste! By borrowing items from SHARE or your friends and family, you are saving unnecessary production of new materials, such as plastic and metal. The production of these materials and new products emits a large amount of greenhouse gases, all contributing to global warming. Not only that, by extending the life of these useful items, you are avoiding them being thrown into landfill! At SHARE:Frome, we make it a priority to repair as much as possible before our items come to the end of their lives. Keep a look out in the future for our Repair Cafe’s, a great way to get your own items fixed!

2. Save money

Many of our items are as little as 50p for a day, so instead of buying a badminton set for £10, why not borrow it for a weekend for £1? And the original cost of many of our items are quite expensive, such as our dehumidifiers worth £250 or carpet cleaners worth £160, so by borrowing a dehumidifiers for £16 a week, you could save around £200, if you only borrow it once or twice a year. And to borrow a carpet cleaner for only £12.50 a day, twice a year could save you around £100! In 2019, we were able to save our members all together £13,6029, by borrowing instead of buying!

And don’t forget that if you are currently on benefits, you could be eligible for our Low Income membership, for only £1 a year, saving you 75% off all borrows. That’s only £3.13 for a one day carpet cleaner loan! Our Student membership is also £1 for the year and saves you 10% off all borrows!

3. Save space 

Ever got frustrated by the fact that your juicer you use once in a blue moon, takes up so much space? Or trying to fit your lawnmower back in the shed every year? By borrowing instead of buying, these kinds of items are a great way to save space in your home! Who needs to buy a dehydrator when you could just borrow one from SHARE? Why not try it out first before buying one? This is also great for moving house, or when your house is being renovated. Need a temporary hob or oven while your kitchen is a no-go zone? We have a range to choose from! 

4. Connect to community

The last reason to SHARE, but certainly not least, is the wonderful sense of community it brings. We all have felt the loneliness that came along with the pandemic. We now feel the importance of community more than ever. Simply asking your friends and family if they have a drill you could use or offering to fix a broken hedge trimmer, can brighten your day, as well as theirs. But being a member of SHARE:Frome, whether you are a regular borrower, volunteer or supporter of our ethos, helps to grow and strengthen the community of Frome. A conversation, a laugh, a lending hand, a donation, a tutorial on how to use an item, a quick repair, are all small but powerful moments of connection that all make up a strong and resilient community!

Join now and start borrowing!