The Vax carpet cleaners are a great item to borrow if you’re moving in or out of a house or just want to give your carpets a refresh from day to day wear!

The Rapid Deluxe machines are super easy and user friendly to use – you can borrow them from us for £12.20 a day, £18.30 for 2 days and £24.20 for a week (standard membership cost) and even add the Vax approved cleaning solution as well for £2 per 100ml.

Step 1 – Fill the tank

The carpet cleaner uses 40ml detergent per 1 litre of warm water. To fill the tank, push in the button on the water tank as shown to release it from the machine and unscrew the cap to fill.

Step 2 – Turn on the machine

To turn the machine on, press your foot down on the power button (right hand side). To angle the handle of the machine use the foot pedal on the left hand side and press the handle down and back (just like a normal vacuum cleaner).

Step 3 – Spray the water

Press the trigger at the top of the handle as you move the machine forwards – this sprays the carpet with the cleaning solution. 

Step 4 – Clean those carpets!

Release the trigger and pull the machine back slowly to extract the dirt and solution from the carpet. Repeat across the area to be cleaned, maintain a consistent speed when spraying the solution and pulling the machine back. You will see the tray at the bottom of the machine start to collect the dirty solution.

Step 5 – Empty and Clean

Once finished, remove the tray at the bottom, empty and then rinse out to clean. Make sure to give it a really good clean, as there can be a build up of dirt that means future cleans are not as efficient!

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Happy Borrowing!