SHARE Frome is a social initiative by Edventure:Frome in association with Frome Town Council and the Cheese and Grain. The set-up of the shop was undertaken by a group of eight young people in just two months, as part of specialist training in community entrepreneurship, run by Edventure. Much help was given by the local community in the form of advice, expertise, time, donations, opinions and enthusiasm! In 2017, a new team of 6 Edventure students undertook the challenge of taking SHARE to the next level. With a revamp of the shop’s layout, appearance and storage space, as well as the introduction of a new volunteer scheme and social referral programme, the students turned SHARE into an even more impactful community enterprise in Frome. The shop is now under the management of Aliss and Sam, two Frome locals, and a team of hard-working volunteers.