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Like a library of books, a Library of Things (LoT) lends various physical items to its members in the local community.
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You can find SHARE:Frome at 3A the Bridge, Market Place, Frome BA11 1AR, opposite the Blue House.

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There are various differences between a hire shop and a Library of Things, specifically one set up like SHARE:Frome:
– SHARE:Frome Library of Things is non-profit and aims to be a community action group, rather than a commercial enterprise;
– It contains a wide range of things, including many that a hire shop would not have;
– It aims to loan items out more cheaply than a hire shop would and thus to be affordable for anyone;
– We aim to be part of a change in economic behaviour that will reduce waste, through the Library itself and being involved in wider networks of events, campaigns and activities.

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SHARE:Frome is a social initiative by Edventure:Frome in association with Frome Town Council and the Cheese and Grain. The set-up of the shop was undertaken by a group of eight young people in just two months, as part of specialist training in community entrepreneurship, run by Edventure. Much help was given by the local community in the form of advice, expertise, time, donations, opinions and enthusiasm! In 2017, a new team of 6 Edventure students undertook the challenge of taking SHARE to the next level. With a revamp of the shop’s layout, appearance and storage space, as well as the introduction of a new volunteer scheme and social referral programme, the students turned SHARE:Frome into an even more impactful community enterprise in Frome. The shop is now under the management of Sam and Clare, two Frome locals, and a team of hard-working volunteers. We are soon to be set up as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), the first of a network of federated member Libraries of Things across the country working under a national body.

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Save the Environment

First and foremost, borrowing instead of buying can make a big difference to your carbon footprint. In 2019, we were able to save our users 199 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, 254 tonnes of raw material use and 22 tonnes of manufacturing waste! By borrowing, we avoid unnecessary production, as well as waste ending up in landfill!

Save Money

The original cost of many of our items can be as much as £300, such as our dehumidifiers and carpet cleaners, so by borrowing for under £20 a week, you could save around £250, especially if you only it borrow once or twice a year.

We also offer Low Income membership, which saves you 75% off all borrows, as well as Student membership which saves you 10% off all borrows!

Save Space

Ever got frustrated by the fact that your juicer you use once in a blue moon, takes up so much space? Or trying to fit your lawnmower back in the shed every year? By borrowing instead of buying, these kinds of items are a great way to save space in your home!

Connect to your Community

Many of our items are kindly donated by the Frome community and we have a wonderful team of volunteers who help out in the shop and repair our items. Being a member of SHARE:Frome, whether you are a regular borrower, volunteer or supporter of our ethos, helps to grow and strengthen the community of Frome!

Category: + The Shop