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Chloe is a volunteer who can be found in the SHARE shop on occasional Saturdays. She works in communications & marketing and also enjoys reading, knitting, learning new things and spending time with animals.
One week until the March repair cafe!
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Our February Repair Café was a massive success, saving roughly £1,055 worth of stuff from going to landfill! Items fixed ranged from coffee machines to Doc Martens. We’re hoping to fix even more at our March repair café, so gather up your worn-out and broken stuff and come along. It’s on Sunday 15th March, 3-5pm, at the Welsh Mill Hub.

Don’t need anything fixing? There’s still plenty to do!

Just like February’s event, Aliss will be running upcycling demos. Last time we learned how to repurpose old fabric to make tote bags and draught excluders. This time we’re tackling denim jeans and creating hanging storage pockets. 

We’ll also be using scrap paper to make plant pots, with soil and seeds provided. And don’t forget to quiz our fixers and learn a thing or two, like how to darn, hem and patch textiles. As always, repairs and demos are free with some refreshments available to buy, and donations are welcome.

Make sure you book repairs through our Eventbrite page so we can make sure we’ve got what we need to fix your item. Get in touch by emailing [email protected] for more info.

Fancy helping out?

We’re looking for volunteers to help with repairs of all sorts, so get in touch and let us know how you can help repair, run a free workshop/activity, or help host the repair café. It’s just 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon.

Hope to see you there!

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Repair Cafes in February and March!
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Let’s see how much we can save from landfill…

Our next repair cafe is only 2 weeks away on February 23rd! Time to gather up any small items that need repairing or could just use a little love to look good as new.

Not in need of a repair? Come along and enjoy some good company and an upcycling demo from Aliss. Our fantastic fixers will be on hand and can answer your questions about all kinds of repairs. Chat to them about what you’d like to learn and come away with some top tips.

Why repair?

Repairing all kinds of items is helpful in so many ways. It saves you the cost of buying a new one, and means you can stick with something you know and love. It’s an important part of individual action against the climate crisis – keeping items away from landfill and reducing the demand for new stuff to be produced.

And it can give you a story to tell about your items! Visible repairs on textiles (and more!) put the story front and centre by giving things a new look.

How can I help?

If you’d like to help us fix more stuff, there are a few ways to get involved. We’re always looking for skilled fixers. If you can fix electrical items, furniture, clothing, do bike maintenance or something brilliant we haven’t thought of – get in touch!

You can also volunteer to help run the event by welcoming people, tracking what we fix or taking photos of successful repairs. And of course, you can donate to help us keep events like these going.

See you there!

The next repair cafe is Sunday, 23rd February at the Welsh Mill Hub, Park Hill Drive, BA11 2LE. Get in touch beforehand if you want to check we can repair an item.

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Items donated for swap event
Bring, buy & swap this weekend!
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Items donated for swap event

Do you have gifts tucked under the bed or thrown in a cupboard that weren’t quite right for you? Stop feeling guilty and find them a new home!

We’ll be holding an “unwanted gift exchange” this Saturday from 10am-12pm at Frome Town Hall. You can bring, swap and buy items to find new things that fit you and see neglected gifts snapped up by others who will use them.

All kinds of small, quality items in new or good condition are welcome. There will also be plenty to buy for a small donation to SHARE if you’d like to come along empty-handed and find an unexpected treasure.

You can drop items off to Frome Town Hall in advance or bring them on the day. We’ve already had some great items dropped in, such as this unused bag and scarf 🌟

Items donated for swap event

For anything you bring, you’ll be able to swap each item for something else. You can also donate items at the town hall and we’ll sell them for donations to help SHARE grow.

Gather up your unwanted gifts and come along! We’ll have the kettle on and some biscuits out ready for you.

P.S. Frome Town Hall is also a drop off point for Re:Fresh Frome, who take unwanted toiletries to donate to disadvantaged young people in Frome.

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Share closes after 23 December and opens 6 January 2020
Happy holidays from SHARE!
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As another year (and a decade!) draws to an end, our volunteers and staff are taking a well-deserved break. This year was absolutely record smashing for SHARE! We were able to get some popular new items, put on a new swap event, and repair loads of stuff to stop it going to landfill.

Massive thanks to all of our members for making this year special and choosing to borrow instead of buy.

Our last open day before the break is Monday, 23rd December for our usual hours. We’ll be closed then over Christmas and New Year, and our first day back will be January 6th.

If you fancy adding some last minute extra cheer to your home, we’ve still got some decorations and tree holders in stock, so check out our Christmas section. And don’t forget to use our kitchen and dining items where you can. No need to buy pans or tins you won’t use until next year, or extra cutlery and crockery to fit everyone around the table – just borrow it from SHARE for a fraction of the price.

(Or borrow our new cocktail shaker set for a classy New Year celebration.)

We’ll be posting soon about what to do with unwanted gifts and how to smash your New Year’s resolutions in 2020…

But until then, we wish you a merry Christmas, a happy new year, and a peaceful couple of weeks. See you next decade!

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Black Friday poster
This Black Friday – Free Borrowing at SHARE!
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Black Friday falls on 29 November this year, but it seems the deals start earlier each year as more and more businesses take advantage of eager shoppers. This year, SHARE is asking you to borrow instead of buying – and we’re making it easier with one free borrow for everyone.

Black Friday can be a great opportunity to buy something you’ve been needing for a while at a better price. However, the biggest Black Friday deals are often electrical items, tech and other pricey goods. It might seem like a great price, but will you use it more than a few times a year?

You could save yourself a lot of money and have one less thing collecting dust in the garage by borrowing from SHARE. Check our inventory to see if we’ve got what you’re looking for – or just choose something fun to borrow for free!

Whether you’re a regular customer or completely new to SHARE, for one day only we’re offering a free borrow to everyone. Borrow something practical like our new leaf blower or have a bit more fun with some kitchen equipment like our candy floss or popcorn makers (perfect snacks to take along to Frome’s lantern parade and Christmas extravaganza in the evening). 🎄

You could even borrow one of our sewing machines to make some of your own Christmas decorations or gifts. Usually just 3 or 4 pounds to borrow for up to a week, you’d have to be an avid sewing fan to not save money by borrowing!

You’ll also be participating in #BuyNothingDay – an international movement against over-consumption for the good of the planet. 🌍

Here’s the “small print”:

  • 1 free borrow per member, only on items collected on 29 November
  • You must be a member of SHARE – if you need to sign up, please bring ID with you. See membership types here.
  • Borrow is for the standard loan length, which is up to 7 days for most items. Renewals will be charged at the usual loan fee
  • For items that require a cash deposit, the loan is free but the deposit will still need to be taken

See you on Friday!

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Swap, don’t shop this Winter
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SHARE Christmas Display

Don’t start your Christmas shopping just yet! Get a head start on finding perfect gifts and saving money for the festive season with our first ever…

✨ Swap shop!

Come along to Frome Town Hall on Saturday 23rd November from 10am-12pm to swap gift-worthy items & planet-friendly alternatives to wrapping paper. This is a free event, with tea and cake available for a small donation.

Swap your items for others that would make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, special occasions or even just for yourself – why not?

😇 Why swap? There are more reasons than you think…

No matter your motivation, swapping has a lot of benefits for you and others:

  • Save money on gifts and wrapping
  • Help the planet by reducing the demand for production of brand new goods & shipping
  • Smile knowing that something you swapped or made will brighten someone’s day
  • Get unique gifts – handmade goods and items with history
  • Be part of the community. Why not bring your kids to show how important it is to share?

🎁 What should you bring?

If you think it could make a good gift, bring it along! You can also drop off things in advance to Frome Town Council if it’s easier than bringing them on the day. Here are some ideas:

  • Preloved gifts (to be loved again)
  • Preserves
  • Indoor and outdoor plants and pots
  • Art & craft materials
  • Books, music and films
  • Handmade items
  • Household / Bric-a-brac
  • unopened and in date food items to include in hampers
  • lovely baskets, unusual containers, nice re-usable bags and jars to ‘wrap’ things in!

And after Christmas, come and find any neglected gifts a new home at our Unwanted Gift Exchange! More details to come…

Frome Town Hall is on Christchurch Street West, Frome, BA11 1EB. There is wheelchair access via the side entrance and a lift available to the first floor where the Swap Shop will take place. Please note parking is not available at the venue.

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Paul's patches
Another Happy Repair Cafe Visitor!
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Here’s our resident PAT tester and general electrical fixer Paul looking very happy outside the SHARE shop! Paul’s ripped knees were repaired by one of our fantastic textiles repair people at Sunday’s repair café.

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In-House Repairs Now Available!
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We are pleased to announce we can now offer some repairs in the SHARE shop, in addition to our monthly repair cafés. This service is free, but we would appreciate a small donation for the time and expertise spent by our fantastic fixers.

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Repair and Upcycle Event This Weekend!
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Our first Repair and Upcycle Café of 2019 is this Sunday, January 13th from 3 til 5PM.

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Conquer your New Year’s Resolutions With SHARE
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As a new year rolls in, we all have great intentions for the 12 months ahead. But as time goes by, our goals can seem more daunting and less attainable. A lot of the time, this is simply because we don’t know where to start! Here’s a great place to start chipping away at those big goals: in the centre of Frome, at our library of things.

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SHARE's shop in Frome is closed from 22nd December until 4th January 2019.
When We’re Open Over Christmas and New Year
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The holidays are a time to relax and enjoy yourself, which is just what our hardworking staff and volunteers will be doing!

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Frome community organisations SHARE have helped through loans and use of our space.
How SHARE Helps Frome Community Projects
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Since the library of things opened in early 2015, it has served the community in a lot more ways than individuals borrowing things for their use at home. SHARE’s members include many businesses and organisations in the local area. Thanks to our huge inventory of DIY and events equipment, our community enterprise has been a crucial resource for many more projects that support our values of spending less, wasting less, and strengthening community ties.

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The average drill is used for only 13 minutes in its entire lifetime.

What if, instead of buying that drill, you could borrow one from a neighbour you have never met before?

Welcome to SHARE:Frome!

Our thinking is that too much money nowadays is spent on ‘stuff’. Things are used for a short space of time and then spend most of their lifetime locked away in a shed, kitchen, garage etc.

Spend Less, Waste Less, Connect More!

Our aim is to get people spending less, wasting less and connecting more. And by doing this, help people to save money, reduce carbon and waste, and cultivate a happier, more resilient community.

SHARE is a community space for Frome, tailored to local people’s needs. A place for people to borrow objects, share skills and connect with others, in a welcoming and fun environment.

Click here to view items you can borrow/hire/rent from SHARE.