All you need to know about our SUBSCRIBER membership

Need to know more about our membership options? This post is the third in a series to break down each of our membership types; you can read more about our STANDARD membership here and our LOW INCOME membership here.

This membership is perfect if you borrow items frequently or if you simply want to support our cause! When you sign up as a Subscriber, we set up a recurring online payment of £10 every 3 months. This works out at £3.33 per month. You then have 25% off all borrow fees, as well as other great perks like free borrows of the Thermal Imaging Camera and seasonal promotions, such as free borrows on Christmas items in December! If you find that the Subscriber membership is not for you, you can cancel at any time and we will help you find the membership that better suits you.

Example Item

Item: Popcorn Maker
Item cost: £1.31 per day
Length of loan: 2 days (150%)*
Total: £1.97

*To read more about how our pricing works, please read this blog post

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