All you need to know about our LOW INCOME membership

Need to know more about our membership options? This post is the first in a series to break down each of our membership types!

This membership is a great addition for our system, especially during the difficulties of the pandemic, and only costs £1 for a year. If you are currently on Jobseekers Allowance, PIP, Universal Credit or Income Support, you are elligable to sign up as a Low Income membership. We require proof of this financial benefits from the last 3 months. This could be an email or bank statement, and will need to be checked again every 3 months. Once you are signed up you will recieve 75% off all borrow fees. A great way to save when money is tight!

Example Item

  • Item: Popcorn Maker
  • Standard cost: £3.00 per day
  • LOW INCOME cost: 75p per day
  • Cost for 2 days (150%)* – £1.13
  • Cost for 3-7 days (200%)* – £1.50

*To read more about how our pricing works, please read this blog post

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