Keep it clean!We’d like to encourage all borrowers to return items in as good condition as possible.

Bringing back items clean improves the efficiency of SHARE as a community resource.

As much as we’d love to provide the service of cleaning items that have been brought back dirty, we sadly don’t have the resources. i.e. When a lawn mower comes back with grass still in it we have no courtyard out back to empty it (we don’t even have our own wheelie bin!) Similarly, we don’t have hot water in the shop so can’t easily clean kitchen items that come back messy.

So please do make every effort to bring items back in a similar state to how you borrowed them.

Despite other members loving the concept of sharing, it doesn’t extend to sharing mess left by a previous borrower. If things are brought back in a particularly bad state we may have to ask you take the item back and bring it back clean, or even ask for a fee. But don’t worry, this will only happen in extreme cases. So long as you’ve done what you can to clean any mess you’ve made and brought the item back in a similar state to how you borrowed it then that’s fine by us.