We are pleased to announce we can now offer some repairs in the SHARE shop, in addition to our monthly repair cafés. This service is free, but we would appreciate a small donation for the time and expertise spent by our fantastic fixers.

Repairs of small items now available at SHARE in Frome.
Repairs now available at the SHARE shop!

We can accept small items, handheld or slightly bigger, to try to repair for you. Simply drop them off in the shop, leave some details with us, and we’ll contact you when your item is fixed or with further advice.

Hopefully this will allow more people to access repairs and help us save even more items from going to landfill!

Please note: larger items and more specialised repairs should be reserved for our monthly Repair Café at the Welsh Mill Hub.

If you’re unsure whether we can fix your item in the shop, please get in touch before bringing it in.