At SHARE, we have 4 different types of membership. These are designed to suit all of our borrowers, from those who only borrow once or twice per year, to those who are always in need of something from our inventory. Our members of all types are what keep the shop open and thriving!

But we know choosing from several options can get confusing, so here’s a handy guide to choosing the right one for you.


Price: £2 (membership expires after one borrow)

Choose this one if…

  • You’re sure you’ll only need to borrow from us the one time.
  • You want a low upfront cost.
  • You’d like to try out SHARE at a lower cost before committing to more.

One-Time-User members pay full price to borrow items, which makes this the least cost-efficient option for frequent borrowers. If you think you’ll borrow once, this might be the best choice for you. However, if you plan to borrow more frequently, or are in need of larger and more costly items, consider the memberships detailed below.

If you’re not sure how much you’ll enjoy being part of SHARE, a One-Time-User membership can also be a good way to sign up at a low cost and “trial” the service before jumping in. This membership expires after the first borrow.


Price: £15 per year

Choose this one if…

  • You’re more likely to borrow in bursts than regularly.
  • You’d like half price borrows and some freebies.
  • One upfront payment is most convenient for you.

Our standard membership is pretty good value for money for those who borrow several items per year. All standard members get half price on everything, all of the time! They can also borrow small items such as screwdrivers, hammers, etc. for free for a 2-day period. Unlike subscriber members (detailed next) they don’t receive monthly credit, but if you think you’ll borrow 10 things one month and nothing for the next few, this could be the right option.

Standard memberships are also convenient for anyone who can’t commit to regular payments, as they only require an upfront cost.

The 4 types of membership available at SHARE: A Library of Things, in Frome.
The 4 types of membership available at SHARE: A Library of Things, in Frome.


Price: £3.33 per month (6 months upfront)

Choose this one if…

  • You’re likely to become a frequent borrower.
  • You want the best value for money.
  • You’d like to support SHARE by guaranteeing some regular income for us.

For frequent borrowers, our subscriber membership is by far the best value for your money. Subscriber members get all the benefits of a standard membership, plus £5 of monthly credit in SHARE. Each month, subscribers can effectively borrow £5 worth of items for free! On top of this, as a subscriber member you’ll also get discounts from SHARE partners and free consumables (e.g. sandpaper sheets when borrowing a sander).

Subscriber members are billed for 6 months of membership upfront (£20), and after those 6 months pay £10 every 3 months. Signing up as a subscriber member gives SHARE some added security as we know we can rely on your payment. Thanks, subscribers!


Price: £50 or more

Choose this one if…

  • You really love SHARE and want to support us!
  • You have a little spare cash.

Our supporters receive the same benefits as standard members, but they’re individuals who have chosen to give us a very generous donation as well! We’re very grateful to all our subscriber members for their fantastic generosity. If you have some spare cash, want to support a community resource and/or we’ve been a big help to you, we’d love to see you become a supporter.

Ready to sign up?


You can sign up online or in the shop.
Just make sure to bring some ID on your first visit!