Over the summer we’ve transitioned to a more sophisticated system here at SHARE.

While previously we were a cash only outfit with a slightly laisez-faire approach to late returns on items, we have now implemented a system which processes payments by card that is making the whole operation a lot more efficient.

The change not only allows us to process your transactions quicker, but also means late fees are automatically collected. It may sound punitive at first, but rather than being such it actually just means we get more items returned punctually. This leads to fewer disappointments for members who hope to borrow an item which is supposed to be returned on a given date.

Indeed, we’ve already found this to be working successfully. Items are being returned on time a lot more often, and there are far fewer cases of other members being let down by a previous borrower.

We encourage all of our members who have not yet converted to the card payment system to come in and do so. It’s very simple and once you’ve converted there’ll be no more standing around waiting with your item while we process your transaction. You’ll simply come in, ask for your item and we’ll hand it over and click a button to accept your donation.

By encouraging more punctual return of items and creating a better-respected system, the items you reserve will be likely to be in stock ready for you to pick up on the date you have requested. Winners all round!

Our system is created by MyTurn and payments are securely processed using Stripe.

SHARE runs on MyTurn, processing securely payments via Stripe

Late fees are charged to encourage borrowers to return items so that all borrowers have as much variety of choice as possible. The income from these late fees, along with other income, goes towards the running of the shop.