Week 6 & 7

20th – 24th April



The priority for week 7 was the building of the shop. At the Monday meeting, I was panicking more than others about the challenge of transforming an empty, unfurnished space into the sleekly designed Share shop we had all envisioned. Meanwhile, people like Dom and Johannes were quietly confident about the speed at which building can get done when people come together.

Monday and Tuesday were spent collecting materials for the build – mainly pallets, shelves, and wooden boards. Dom, Zoltan and I then embarked on the build on Wednesday. In that first day we built wooden benches and started putting shelves up. A dilemma which had been present throughout the project became amplified during this period – whether people should focus on new skills or focus on their strengths. For the success of the project we decided on the latter. This was unfortunate for people like Dom, who ended up supervising the build, but I personally believe we wouldn’t have got the build done without his building skills.

Many of the shop fittings were made out of wood, including the shop desk, benches to sit on, a workbench in the rear of the shop, a display island and shelving. For this reason, it was great that on Thursday many people with carpentry skills from the Frome community came to lend a hand. We started in the morning and didn’t finish until 10pm that evening, and during this period we got a big chunk of work done. The following day we felt relieved and happy. A simple, minimalist, warehouse design style was emerging which seemed to suit the concept of the Share shop.

At the same time we still needed to be aware of the other areas of the enterprise. Our initial areas of supervision seemed to fade away and we undertook what needed to be done on an ad hoc basis. May took over responsibility for the volunteers, doing a great job recruiting them and organising a volunteer training evening. Biz continued with her work of engaging the community, networking with local business and planning the launch event. Maija and Charley were busy overseeing systems, creating membership forms, waiver forms and pricing items.

Chris Stewart

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