Week 5

WEEK FIVE: 06/04 – 10/04


Moving on from the disharmony of Week Four, Week Five began much more cohesively. Biz organised fun activities to get the group going each morning, from dancing in SHARE with scarves around our heads to playing pooh sticks over the River Frome. We also had a good initial meeting to discuss the tasks which had to be actioned that week. Charley, as project manager, facilitated this discussion brilliantly, creating a timeline for the week tailored to each person’s needs and skills. Finally, we worked in SHARE for the entirety of that week, which certainly improved our sense of togetherness. Sat around the table on our computers, we could get on with our individual tasks and share ideas when we needed to.

On the Sunday prior to this week began, SHARE made its presence felt at the Frome Independent Market, thanks to Biz and Charley. People flooded in all day, adding items to our wish list and suggesting ways of making SHARE a dynamic shop. This is the really rewarding aspect of this project for us – engaging with the community and creating a space which will (hopefully) be a communal space long after we’ve gone.

During this week, Maija, with the help of her sister Ebanie, did a great job of designing the brand, utilising a programme that few else seem to know how to use: Photoshop. The brand now has SHARE written in white writing on an orange background, with images of tools, leisure items and household items displayed below. May got us launched online, setting up our Facebook account and building our website. Biz carried on with her role of engaging the wider community, networking with different organisations in Frome as well as creating a quirky postbox through which locals could post their ideas for the shop. Charley, as well as liaising with different groups, began the process of setting up SHARE’s database, using a framework from the sharing website My Turn. Dom and Zoltan began sourcing different materials, from pallets to paint to sanders, and I began collating information received from the many people who are prepared to donate items to the shop.

Like last week, we gathered at the shop on Wednesday evening, this time to scrape and level the uneven floor. With Bob Marley in the background and a couple of beers at hand, it was nice to be doing physical work after the conceptual work of prior weeks. It was also a relief to be starting work upon the physical transformation of the shop – with four weeks to go, the shop build was a priority. At one point, a kindly man came into the shop and told us what a great job we were doing, which spurred us on with greater enthusiasm. As I said earlier, the value of this project really lies in those little interactions with locals…

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