Welcome to SHARE!

SHARE – A Library Of Things is a community space for Frome, a place for people to borrow objects, share skills and connect with others, in a welcoming and fun environment. Check out our inventory and see what you can borrow today!


shop frontThe average drill is used for only 13 minutes in its entire lifetime. What if, instead of buying that drill, you could borrow one from a neighbour you have never met before? Welcome to SHARE.

Our thinking is that too much money nowadays is spent on ‘stuff’. Things are used for a short space of time and then spend most of their lifetime shut away in a shed, kitchen, garage etc. Our aim is to get people spending less, wasting less and connecting more. And by doing this, help people to save money, reduce carbon and waste, and cultivate a happier, more resilient community.

Check out our inventory online or drop in to explore what we’ve got.

If you aren’t yet a member, just pop into the shop with some ID, we’ll sign you up so you can start borrowing! We have over 600 items to borrow from just £1 a week donation

Our current opening hours are:

Wednesday 10-4pm

Thursday 12-6pm

Friday 12-6pm

Saturday 10-4pm

We are looking to review our hours and we’d like to know if you’d prefer us to open at 9am or 10am and if you’d like us to keep a 4pm or 6pm closure, please email share@edventurefrome.org