What is a Library of Things?

SHARE:Frome is a Library of Things.

Like a normal library, you can sign up as a member and borrow items you need.

We have a large variety of items, from power tools to sporting equipment. To view them all visit our online catalogue!

“The average drill is used for only 13 minutes in its entire lifetime.” 

What if, instead of buying that drill, you could borrow one instead?

Opening Times

Monday 10.30am – 2pm
Tuesday 10.30am – 2pm
Wednesday 10.30am – 2pm
Thursday 10.30am – 2pm
Friday 10.30am – 2pm
Saturday 10.30am – 2pm

How to borrow from SHARE

Sign up to SHARE

Step 1:
Become a member. It’s quick & easy.

Reserve items from our catalogue

Step 2:
Reserve your items online. You can see our full catalogue of items here.

Borrow from our Library of Things

Step 3:
Borrow any item in stock for as long as you wish!

Return your items to SHARE Library

Step 4:
Use your item, then bring it back to SHARE, Library of Things for others to borrow.

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Watch this short video to see how eight students from Edventure turned an empty shop in to the UK’s first ever high street Library of Things, aka a share shop, at the start of 2015!

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