What is a Library of Things?

SHARE Frome is a Library of Things.

Like a normal library, you sign up as a member and borrow items you need.

We have a large variety of items, from power tools to sporting equipment. To view them all visit our online catalogue!

“The average drill is used for only 13 minutes in its entire lifetime.” 

What if, instead of buying that drill, you save money and borrow one? Or by donating a drill you stop multiple others from buying too.

Why Borrow?

Save the Environment

Borrowing instead of buying can make a big difference to your carbon footprint. In 2020, our users saved 199 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, 254 tonnes of raw material use and 22 tonnes of manufacturing waste. By borrowing, you avoid unnecessary production as well as waste ending up in landfill.

Save Money

Our items can be as much as £800 to buy new. Our drills and carpet cleaners cost £300, so by borrowing for around £20 a week, you could save around £260, if you only borrow it once or twice a year.

We offer Concession memberships, to those receiving benefits or in full time education. This membership gets those borrowers a further 75% off our catalogue prices.

Save Space

Ever got frustrated by the fact that your juicer you use once in a blue moon, takes up so much space? Or trying to fit your lawnmower back in the shed every year? By borrowing instead of buying, these kinds of items are a great way to save space in your home!

Connect to your Community

SHARE does so much more than lend people drills, tents and disco lights. Many of our items are kindly donated by the Frome community and we have a wonderful team of volunteers who help out in the shop and repair our items. Being a member of SHARE Frome, whether a regular borrower, volunteer or supporter gives people a sense of belonging and pride about what we’re achieving together.

Opening Times

Tuesday: 10.30am – 2pm
Wednesday: 10.30am – 2pm
Thursday: 10.30am – 2pm
Friday: 10.30am – 2pm
Saturday: 10.30am – 2pm

Borrowing from SHARE

Sign up to SHARE

Step 1:
Become a member. It’s quick & easy.

Reserve items from our catalogue

Step 2:
Reserve your items online. You can see our full catalogue of items here.

Borrow from our Library of Things

Step 3:
Collect your item, make a note of when it should be returned and take it away to enjoy!

Return your items to SHARE Library

Step 4:
When you’ve finished, check your borrows are clean and bring back to SHARE ready for the next person to borrow.

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Watch this short video to see how eight students from Edventure turned an empty shop in to the UK’s first ever high street Library of Things, aka a share shop, at the start of 2015!

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